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A Few Words About Us

Let us introduce ourselves

Karusaf is the deboning facility of Williston Abattoir situated in the picturesque Northern Cape town of Williston in the heart of the Karoo.

Williston Abattoir has a production ability of 1000 sheep a day and is proud to be Karoo Meat of Origin (KMOO) and Halaal certified.

KMOO is a brand name with an accredited certification system enforced by the South African Meat Industry Company (SAMIC).

The system audits farms, abattoirs, deboning and process facilities as well as retail outlets selling Karoo meat of origin.

Certified carcasses can be identified by the roll mark/stamp on the meat and can be traced back to the farm of origin with a traceability code.

These farms are inspected to ensure that six specific scrubs grow on the farm, the farmer practices organic-farming methods and that all animals are free ranging.

The scrubs give the Karoo meat and products their unique and distinctive taste. It has been known for centuries to be the best-quality lamb and mutton, ensuring a taste fantasy not soon forgotten.

Visit KMOO’s website for more information.

Accredited Supplier of

Karoo Meat of Origin

  • Unique and Limited

    Karoo meat of origin is top quality lamb with a great dependency on external factors like weather conditions and especially rain. If a lamb is not free range and antibiotic free it is not available as a Karoo meat of origin lamb. This making in a truly unique and limited product of the Karoo.

  • Delivered to Your Door

    Meat is received weekly form Williston and can be collected in Somerset West at your convenience or arrangements can be made to deliver in Somerset West, Stand or Stellenbosch. For deliveries outside these areas a delivery fee can be paid for delivery to your door.

Your only guarantee that it is from the Karoo

karoo Meat of Origin

Where to buy Karusaf / KMOO products

Karusaf supplies certified KMOO products to the following places:


Karusaf Website

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Weekly delivery to Somerset West

Agent: Christelle Theron

  • Frankie Fenner
  • Plattekloof Spar
  • Ryan Boon

The Story of Karusaf

The dream of some Williston farmers and the Williston Abattoir Board was realised in October 2014 in the form of Karusaf quality Karoo lamb.

The dream was to create a quality product that has gone through a value-added process and is available to clients.

Williston Abattoir and Karusaf are Karoo Meat of Origin-certified institutions that ensure the lamb supplied originates from certified farms where organic farming methods are applied.

The lamb is free of hormones and routine antibiotics and the animals are not kept in feedlots but are free ranging. All lambs and processed products have a full traceability record and are 100% organic.

The word Karusaf is derived from the Khoisan word ‘Karu’ that means withered and dry region (where the word Karoo also derives from) and ‘SAF’ is tender meat in the regional language.

The Karusaf processing plant is located in Williston. The processed meat is immediately vacuum-packed and frozen at -22 ° C to guarantee the quality and freshness. The meat is transported in refrigerated trucks to ensure the cold chain is maintained.

Karusaf offers products like lamb sausage, lamb steak (rump), kebabs, cutlets, patties, boneless ribs, boneless necks and various other mouth-watering products.

Karusaf also offers delicious lamb drywors as well as whole and half lambs options.  The delivery of Karusaf quality products is made weekly in the Cape region.

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